Derek Paper Pencil
16:40 wunderkidstudios:

Leggo my Preggo just got accepted into the Student Showcase for the Ottawa International Animation Festival!!!

05:53 Adam and Eve! 
05:30 Feeling very good tonight. Stayed up to finish Eve! Woo! 
22:50 Decided to go with the fig leaf for Adam. It was just too cute! I want some fig leaf underwear now. All you gotta do is slap it on! 
03:07 Alright, how about Adam’s ridiculous cover up? 
01:31 Possible Eve foliage fashion. I was thinking of just letting both Adam and Eve just go butt naked but Ed did point out that the fig leaf is kinda cute. I do agree so I decided to go for it.
What do you guys think? 
02:15 Adam drawn as a dumb, narcissistic jock. He was a lot of fun to draw! 
02:13 I drew Eve as if she was Cher from Clueless. Young and fancy free, a little spoiled but always meant well. 
02:12 Adam and Eve silhouette exploration